Bingata and Kasuri Style Draper’s Shop “Haraguni Corporation”

Bingata and Kasuri Style Draper’s Shop “Haraguni Corporation”

From stage costumes to the kariyushi wears

"Haraguni Corporation" is the shop selling Okinawa bingata/kasuri style textiles and clothes for traditional costumes in Ukishima street.

Many different patterned textiles and fabric

From vivid color to dark color textiles, various patterned textiles and clothes are lined up inside the shop. They are all beautiful.

Two-piece kimono (Ryukyu costumes)

The already made two-piece kimono is also for sales. What is the two-piece kimono?-It is an easy-wear separated kimono set in bottoms and tops. Top part is made like a jacket and the bottoms are made like skirt.

For your memories

Three different sizes (S/M/L) is available. This kimono is wearable loosely, and adjustable. A set is for approxametely 14000 yen~16000 yen. You can try them on at the shop.

How about making original items?

Bingata/kasuri style clothes are also available in reasonable price 500~600 yen per meter.
If you are good sewer, why don't you make some items with this Okinawa style fabric?

AddressNaha City, Makishi 3-3-18
Business hours10:00〜18:00
Regular holiday1st~3rd January