Most popular Okinawa souvenir “Suppai-man!”

Most popular Okinawa souvenir “Suppai-man!”

What is Suppaiman?

Suppaiman is the dried plum snack series produced by Uema Kashiten company in Okinawa. "Suppaiman no amaume ichiban (No.1 Suppaiman sweet plums) is the major product of this series, and popular for it's balance of sour and sweetness.

Suppaiman welcomes you

Uema Kashiten does free suppaiman factory tour ! It's an easy tour within 30 minutes. If you are in groups of less than 10 people, you do not need any reservations.

Sneak into the factory!

Staff will show you around the factory with instructions. You will see the process from the second floor.

Okinawa has top class amount of plum consumptions in Japan

More than 1t of suppaimans are made in this factory per day. During golden weeks (National holiday week in Japan), New years and Obon the producing amount will raise up to 2 tons.

What's waiting for you after the tour?

After the tour you will receive a ticket you can exchange with a gift. Inside the building a old-fashioned snack shop is adjusted. They sell products you can get only in here.

AddressOkinawa, Toyomigusuku City, Toyosaki 3-64
Business hours【Factory tour】:9:00~16:30 【Shops】9:00~17:00
Regular holidayTour is only held during weekdays