Shaved ice Okinawa zenzai! Fujiya Tomari Main Store

Shaved ice Okinawa zenzai! Fujiya Tomari Main Store

Enjoy the cold served style Okinawa zenzai!

Usual zenzai is the warm served sweet boiled red beans with rice cakes. However, Okinawa has it's unique style of zenzai with shaved ice and shiratama balls on top of the sweet boiled beans with black sugar.

Fashionable space inside the nostalgic Japanese cafe appearance

Tomari main store introduces us to a nice nostalgic atmosphere. Both table seats and the zashiki (tatami rooms) seats are prepared inside the spacious shop with a high ceiling. Combination of the retro atmosphere and the trendy space matches very well.

Get the tickets to order

The tickets systems are introduced in many places in Okinawa. You decide your order in advance, pay for the ticket from the vending machine and bring them with you to the seat. You can choose between big/small portion for normal zenzais, with additional mango toppings etc.

Most famous Okinawa zenzai in Fujiya

Zenzai in Fujiya never uses any artificial additives, and beans used are very carefully selected. In addition, water from boiled beans is reused for the shaved ice so the ice itself is tasteful. You can fully enjoy the taste of zenzai until the very last scoop. Plus, you can add condensed milk as much as you want, and a piece of kame-sembei crackers for free.

Not only zenzais! Menus in Fujiya

Fujiya also sells some original products and also nostalgic long-seller snacks in Japan. Not only sweet zenzai, plenty of other choices for foods are available-taco rice, loco moco hamburgs, steaks etc. Fujiya has enough attractions to be loved by local people for all the time.

Address〒900-0012 Okinawa, Naha City, Tomari 2-10-9
Nearest station12 minutes walk from Yui rail Miebashi Station
Business hoursJune-September 11:00~21:00    October-May 11:00~19:00
Regular holidayNo fixed holidays